Decking provides a great feature and an opportunity to escape in your own space.

Our carefully chosen range means we have a product to suit every application and specification.

Have a chat with our helpful team as we’re sure to have something to enhance your outdoor living space.

Composite Decks Perth, WA

When choosing what product to use for your decking project,
it helps to ask a few simple questions.

  1. What are you going to use your decking area for?
    • Is it going to be an entertaining space, a place for family dinners, or a private area to escape the hustle of everyday life.
  2. How exposed to the weather is the area going to be?
    • Will it get full sun? Is it under a patio or pergola? Is it right next to a pool or water feature? Will the garden sprinklers spray the deck?
  3. How much time are you willing to put into keeping your deck looking great for years to come?
    • If you live a busy life and don’t have the time to maintain oiling a timber deck, you might be better off going for a composite deck that requires less maintenance.
    • But if time isn’t a problem and you like the look of a natural timber deck, exploring the range of composite decking available probably isn’t going to be your thing.
    • No matter what decision you come to, we’ve got the all the decking materials you need to create an enjoyable, sustainable outdoor space.
  4. How do I calculate my quantities?
    • If you have decided to install the deck yourself we recommend you educate yourself on the product and the install process. By going through the exercise of  working out your decking and sub-frame materials, it not only assists our team greatly in providing a fast turnaround on quotes, but helps to ensure you get the finished project you had hoped for.
      • There are decking calculators online that can assist with this. Two we would suggest are from our recommended range of composite decking with their links below.

    Newtechwood Decking Calculator

    Modwood Decking Calculator

    NewTechWood – Composite Decking

    "Designed for a better outdoor

    Modwood – Composite Decking

    Modwood is Australian Made and owned, manufacturing with Australian product in Australia, since 2001; for

    Eva-Last – Composite Decking

    Eva-Last bamboo composite decking is designed to make your life better as a low-maintenance alternative to

    Millboard – Composite Decking

    Trex – Composite Decking

    Since 1996, Trex has invented, defined and perfected the composite

    Hardwood Timber Decking

    Naturally enjoyable outdoor living Sustainably sourced Hardwood Timber


    234A Marine Terrace

    Nivo Pedestal and Newtechwood Composite decking combine to create the perfect viewing platform to