It is worth approaching the facade of your home as you do the interior, with the aim of balancing everything from texture to colour and tone. Think about the surrounding environment and choose a material appropriate to the setting for the best cladding solution.




  1. What is the best cladding system for my property?
    Cladding can come in many various systems, with our range including Compressed Fibre Cement, Composite materials and natural timber. These systems include horizontal or vertical panels, sheet materials or smaller overlapping panels. Each cladding systems has pro’s and cons in how they protect your home and respond to the elements with maintenance requirements a key consideration. The effectiveness of each system will vary depending on location and orientation of the property.
  2. What is the best material for my cladding?
    Researching durability, maintenance, availability, appearance and budget can affect both the practical and visual outcome of your cladding. By investigating the various pros and cons associated with different cladding materials you can make sure you are getting the most out of your cladding
  3. What are the existing building requirements of my property?
    It is important to always consider the building and carpentry requirements of your property. Cladding is generally non-loadbearing however, some sheet cladding systems can have a structural role. The fixing requirements for bracing cladding can have significant implications for visual appearance, waterproofing, condensation, ventilation and drainage. Consultation with your builder or  carpenter will assist you in assessing your property and inform you of any constraints you might have going forward with cladding.

    Making a start asking these three questions will assist in guiding your decision making process.

lining and cladding products available to order:

  • James Hardie – Axon
  • Weathertex
  • Designpine
  • WAscape Lining
  • BGC – Innova
  • Spotted Gum pre-oiled Shiplap Cladding
  • Blackbutt pre-oiled Shiplap Cladding
  • Custom run Cladding/Lining through our Timber  Workshop


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Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development combining the proven wood modification

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