If you need to match an existing profile, and we don’t have the cutters in our range already, we can make exactly what you want in our onsite toolshop.

All you need to do is bring in a drawing, or preferably a sample, of what you need to match and we can give you a quote to make up the cutters and manufacture exactly what you need.

Whether it be some skirting boards for an extension, or some flooring that isn’t a standard width or thickness, we can help you achieve the result you want, without the fuss.

We can custom design and make, or you can choose from our extensive range of premium raw MDF, or pre-primed designs. If you are renovating we can exactly match your existing architectural mouldings. Our sustainable timbers and MDF products are designed to suit both heritage and modern homes.

Different projects have different demands. We have the capacity to assist with each and every one.

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