Just as you consider the interior design of your home, the exterior calls for equal attention to balance texture, colour, and tone. Whether protecting your space with external cladding or enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of an interior space, choosing the right materials that suit the surrounding environment ensures the best cladding solution.


External cladding can elevate the appearance, protection and, as a result, value of a Perth property. It is a wise investment for both homeowners and property developers in WA. Our products range from classic Greentag Platinum Weathertex cladding to sophisticated Shou Sugi Ban cladding, alongside modern Composite options. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to provide a wall cladding solution with enduring appeal. 


Elevating the appearance of a property’s interior, timber lining boards reflect Perth’s appreciation for natural elements and modern design. Our lining boards will add an appealing warmth to your space. Whether you are drawn to our locally manufactured WAscape lining boards, hardwood timber options or modern elegant composites, we will help you find the perfect choice for your property. Transform walls, ceilings and floors with our high-quality, natural timber lining boards. 


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WAscapes Lining: Custom lengths made to order through our Timber Workshop on site.


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Enhance and protect and your space with our premium external cladding and lining boards. Whether you’re drawn to statement hardwood timbers like Shou Sugi Ban, the warmth of cedar linings, or the modern allure of easyGROOVE, discover our diverse range of products for a visually stunning and long-lasting cladding solutions.

For pricing, you can request a quote through our website, submit your cutting list via email, or call (08) 9434 5775 for further information today.


What is wall cladding?

Wall cladding is a protective or decorative layer added to the exterior of a building wall. It can be made from a variety of materials. For example, Shou Sugi Ban cladding is a type of timber cladding. There is also wood elements cladding and aluminium cladding. All can enhance the aesthetics and weather resistance of a building’s walls. 

What are lining boards?

Lining boards are internal cladding. They can be flat panels and/or tongue & groove boards that are generally lighter and thinner than is required for exterior applications. They can be applied horizontally or vertically. 

What is the best cladding system for my property?

Cladding can come in various systems, with our range including Compressed Fibre Cement, Composite materials and natural timber cladding options (which includes Weathertex). These systems include horizontal or vertical panels, sheet materials or smaller overlapping panels. Each cladding system has pros and cons in how it protects your home. External cladding responds to the elements, so maintenance requirements are a key consideration. The effectiveness of each system will vary depending on location and orientation of your property in Perth. 

What is the best material for my cladding?

Durability, maintenance, availability, appearance and budget can all affect the practical and visual outcome of your cladding. Investigating the various pros and cons associated with different cladding materials will ensure you get the most out of your external cladding and lining boards. Here are some common cladding materials: 

  • Weathertex cladding – modern and sleek appearance with the only “better than zero” carbon footprint 
  • Hardwood Timber cladding – natural appearance and warm feel, that will age and change with time. 
  • Shou Sugi Ban cladding – using the Japanese practice of charring the timber provides a unique appearance and improves the natural durability of the timber. 
  • Composite cladding – low maintenance with recycled credentials 
  • Fibre Cement cladding – diverse range with some added zero lot wall advantages. 

What are the existing building requirements of my property?

It is important to always consider the building and carpentry requirements of your property in Perth. Cladding is generally non-loadbearing, however, some sheet cladding systems can have a structural role. The fixing requirements for bracing cladding can have significant implications for visual appearance, waterproofing, condensation, ventilation and drainage. Consultation with your builder or carpenter will assist you in assessing your property and make you aware of any constraints you might have going forward with external cladding and lining boards. 



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