Sustainably sourced Australian hardwoods are sought after, the world over, for their unique properties and performance characteristics.  From the rich deep tones of Jarrah to the subtly of Tasmanian Oak, let us help you find the right timber for your next project.

Franz Building Supplies Australian hardwoods can be supplied as:
– sawn or dressed pieces for your project
– custom machined cladding, skirting and mouldings
– Timber Joinery (doors, frames, windows)
– Decking and screening

Hardwood Timber Species


Botanical name: Eucalyptus marginata
Other Names: Swan River Mahogany
Origin: South-west Western Australia
Colour: Jarrah comes in a variety of shades from bright red to salmon pink, blonde and burgundy.
Texture and grain: An interlocked or wavy grain with a medium to coarse texture.

Applications: Jarrah is renowned for its durability, making it a popular choice for joinery, decking, indoor and outdoor furniture, mouldings, landscaping and structural applications. 


Botanical name: Eucalyptus diversicolor
Origin: Western Australia
Colour: A lustrous hardwood timber native to Western Australia, Karri comes in appealing shades of golden pink or red-brown with creamy white streaking.
Texture and grain:
Karri timber features a long, tightly interlocked grain.

Applications: Karri is a popular timber primarily used in structural applications with limited availability in flooring and decking.

Australian Oak

Botanical name: Eucalyptus delegatensis, E. obliqua & E. regnans 
Other Names: Vic Ash, Tasmanian Oak
Origin: Tasmania/Victoria/New South Wales
olour: characteristic shade is a pale straw colour with hints of pale pink or light nutty brown. 
Texture and grain: uniform and smooth in texture with a straight even grain

Applications: Best suited for interiors, such as flooring, mouldings, panelling, staircases, window frames, doors and furniture. Australian Oak hardwood has a naturally even grain that accepts stains and paints well.

Spotted Gum

Botanical name: Corymbia maculata, Corymbia citriodora and Corymbia henrii
Colour: Can range from pale grey-brown or honey green to soft cream or rich chocolate brown with purple streaks.
Texture and grain: Spotted Gum has a wavy grain, which can create an attractive rippled effect.
Origin: New South Wales/Queensland

Applications: Spotted Gum is suitable for flooring, lining, decking and cladding. It can be painted, stained or polished.



Botanical name: Corymbia calophylla
Other Names: Red Gum
Origin: WA
Colour: An ‘Appearance’ timber, with Pale brown heartwood and paler sapwood contrast with the dark red gum that features throughout the tree. Finished timber is a rich honey colour often heavily featured by gum veins and pockets.
Texture and grain: Interlocked and wavy grain

Applications: Marri is highly sought after for furniture and flooring


Botanical name: Eucalyptus pilularis
Other Names: Blackbutt
Origin: NSW
Colour: Blackbutt has an even texture. The grain can be interlocked but it is generally straight, making it appealing for interior and exterior applications such as decking and joinery. The heartwood ranges from golden yellow to pale brown.
Texture and grain: Interlocked and wavy grain

Applications: Blackbutt is highly sought after for decking, cladding, joinery and furniture.

N.B. Care needs to be taken when using Blackbutt as it is prone to surface checking. 

Please contact us for more information on current availability as not all species and sizes are held in stock.

Non-stocked timber species we are able to source either direct from timber mills or through our supply partners.
Getting the right timber for your project can be worth the wait.


***We now also have access to Exotic Hardwood species including American Oak and Walnut.


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