A professional-grade wood protector that consistently performs, goes on easily, and highlights your timber’s natural beauty.

Simple, effective and backed by a team of technical experts,
Cutek wood finishes are the trusted choice of design and construction professionals around the world.

Cutek Oil has been uniquely developed to diffuse deeply into the timber. This penetration provides moisture protection from the inside out.

The Cutek range provides the choice of preserving your timber’s character by letting it weather naturally to an attractive silver patina, or retaining its original freshly oiled colour with one of their 10 wood protector colourtones.



Cutek CD50 Extreme

Advanced Timber and Engineered Wood Protection Cutek Extreme CD50 comes as a clear oil which fades in the sun to a natural silver patina but at slower rate that Cutek CD50. It may also be mixed with any of Cutek’s 10 Colourtones to enhance and maintain the freshly oiled natural look of your timber. We believe Cutek Extreme is a first Choice oil for protecting Decks from all the extremes WA Summers and Winters have to offer. Cutek Extreme CD50 works to control moisture from the inside out and minimise warping and cupping and splitting, which means exterior wood lasts longer.

Simple to apply, easy to maintain, and cost effective.

Cutek Colourtone tints

Cutek Colourtones lets you keep that freshly oiled look and natural wood character for longer. Explore the colourtone range with 10 colours available.

Cutek Wood Preservative

Introducing Cutek Wood Preservative for the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic environments.

When used, the coated wood resists damage caused by fungal decay, mould and termites, and is protected from moisture, improving dimensional stability and minimising warping, cupping and splitting.

Cutek Quickclean

Cutek Quickclean is a biodegradable cleaner, that will eat the job, by cutting through all types of grease and grime.

If your timber is grey or heavily stained by tannins or iron, we recommend our professional grade wood cleaning product, Cutek Proclean.

Cutek Wood Stripper

Cutek Wood Stripper is a safe, mild and effective wood coating and paint stripper. It is suitable for removing multiple layers of most commonly used wood coatings

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