Everything you need to install your deck from screws through to joist protection tape.

Everything you need onsite when you need it.

Blackhawk decking screws

The Blackhawk self-drilling range of screws reduces the need to pre-drill and countersink your decking boards. The patented point will drill through most hardwood timbers and the head design self-countersinks giving you a flush finish.



German made quality that helps make light work of your decking install whether it’s Merbau, Jarrah, Spotted Gum or other hardwood timber.

Macsim - Builders Mate

Put your trust in the original decking screw to achieve a professional looking finish.

We stock an extensive range of Macsim fixings.


Otter Chemshield Treated Pine Decking screws are the perfect choice for most environments. They feature small heads for minimum visual impact and do not require pre-drilling or countersinking when fixing into softwoods. The Chemshield coating is designed to withstand the corrosive properties of chemical timber treatments and will outlast galvanizing.

Decking Materials

With everything from Joist Protection tape, Stirrups, Bags of Concrete we’ll help ensure you get all the components you need to build your deck from the ground up.