Sustainable Timber Decking

Just as we hope for ourselves, with a little care and attention, real timber decking can age gracefully as it changes with the seasons.

Franz Building Supplies has an extensive range of sustainably sourced hardwood Timber decking along with everything else you need for your install and future maintenance.

Finding the natural fit for your project

Timeless appeal

Changes and evolves with the seasons

Sustainably sourced as the Ultimate Renewable

Simply no match for the unique colour and grain of Natural Timber

Jarrah Decking

Jarrah is WA’s most well known and sought after native hardwood decking material. You will still find Mill town homes built early 1900’s with the original Jarrah verandahs demonstrating its ability to weather the seasons with elegant timelessness.

We have good stocks of Jarrah decking available at our Bibra Lake site in Random Length Solid Boards (1.5-5.4) and set length Engineered Finger-Jointed boards (5.7) in the standard sizes below:

  • 86×19
  • 135×19

Spotted Gum Decking

It is hard to find a timber decking material better suited to the Australian climate than Spotted Gum. This durable and dense timber is easily identifiable with its wavy grain and colour variation that can make for a spectacular deck. Although spectacular on its own, it is often coupled with Cutek clear decking oil to further enhance the natural colour variation of the timber.

Available in Random Length Solid Boards (1.5-5.4) in the standard sizes below:

  • 86×19
  • 135×19

Blackbutt Decking

With it’s ‘Blonde’ tones and generally straight grain Blackbutt decking makes a dramatic statement.

  • 86 x 19
  • 135 x 22

Merbau Reeded Decking

With its rich deep reds and proven performance over time Merbau remains one of the most popular hardwood decks available.

  • 90 x 19
  • 140 x 19

Fijian Mahogany

This plantation grown timber, with its tightly woven grain makes it ideal as a decking board. If you are after a ‘silvered’ finish to your deck this species is perfectly suited with clear Cutek decking oil.

140 x 21

Cutek Decking Oil

Cutek Oil has been uniquely developed to diffuse deeply into the timber. This penetration provides moisture protection from the inside out.

The Cutek range provides the choice of preserving your timber’s character by letting it weather naturally to an attractive silver patina, or retaining its original freshly oiled colour with one of their 10 wood protector colourtones.

Simple, effective and backed by a team of technical experts, Cutek wood finishes are the trusted choice of design and construction professionals around the world

Why choose hardwood decking for your project

Choosing the perfect type of hardwood for your project is important. The right hardwood timber decking material can create a timeless appeal for your commercial or residential project.

Hardwood timber decking is also extremely versatile as it changes and evolves with the seasons. There simply is no match for the unique colour and grain of natural timber.

Browse our range of natural sustainably sourced hardwood timber options.

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