Weathertex is the preferred cladding manufacturer by many builders, architects and designers all over the world, with history dating back to 1939. As 100% Australian owned manufacturers, Weathertex offers a wide range of high quality timber cladding, weatherboard and architectural panels. All products are made from Sustainably sourced timber making Weathertex a good choice for you and the planet.

Australian owned and manufactured with a better than zero carbon footprint, Weathertex‘s external timber cladding is the ideal solution for any builder, architect or designer in search for environmentally conscious and high-quality material. All Weathertex products are made in Australia from, PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods with no added silica, glues, resins or formaldehydes. Weathertex Weatherboards are guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for up to 25 years.


The Benefits of Weathertex

Easy to Use

    • Easy to install: one person required for installation, not brittle and will not crack.
    • Easy to cut using standard woodworking tools.
    • Can be sawn or cut indoors.
    • No silicones or adhesives required to install.

Good for the planet

  • Australian made and owned.
  • Better than zero carbon foot print.
  • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax.
  • Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed.
  • No chemical additives: no artificial silica, glues, resins or formaldehydes.

Saves you Money

  • Low maintenance: on average, repainting is required every 15 years.
  • Value for money: lightweight product, single person installation.
  • Longevity: natural Australian timber, made to last.
  • Warranty: not to rot, split or crack for up to 25 years.


The Natural range is an Australian-made cladding that offers the unique appearance and characteristics of raw undressed timber.

Its surface is pressed to create a random woodgrain effect, showing the knots, grains and imperfections of natural timber.

The Weathergroove Natural 150mm provides you with vertically grooved panels that is cost-effective and easy to install. Its universal edge allows you to flip and reuse
offcuts making it the eco-friendly and sustainable choice.
  • Made from real Australian hardwoods.
  • Tallest panel size in Australia – 3.66m height.
  • Off stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout


Weathergroove is the largest panel product available on the Australian market.
This vertically grooved cladding is ideal for covering large areas in a short time. It is environmentally friendly, versatile and possibilities are endless, as it can be painted with most types of water-based acrylic paint.
Weathergroove Smooth 75mm Architectural panel provides a smooth flat surface finish making it the ideal profile to use not only externally but also on internal applications.


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Selflok Weatherboards have a super simple self-locking system that aligns every board perfectly. Precise routing gives the product a beautiful and unique ship-lapped profile which has become the all-time Weathertex favourite. Selflok Ecogroove Smooth 75mm board is a CodeMark accredited weatherboard that has a smooth flat surface finish. The 300mm board contains four 15mm wide grooves. The groove begins with a sharp 5mm groove. The groove has a flat 10mm base before it is followed by another sharp 5mm rise, which meets with the smooth surface. When the following board is placed above the previous, the fourth groove is complete.

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Primelok is our most popular range for achieving traditional sophistication and elegance.  The exclusive easy-aligning boards ensure a perfect installation saving time and labour costs by up to 20%.

The Primelok Smooth board is a CodeMark accredited weatherboard that provides a smooth flat finish.

  • Made from real Australian hardwoods.
  • Lapping of board conceals fixings.
  • Single person install.
  • Can be cut with standard carpentry tools.


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